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Mountain Fresh: No Holliday

The verdict is in: Matt Holliday is completely worthless in the post-season. 

Did he put up some RBI's in the regular season? Absolutely. He should feel good cashing about 65% of his check. 
In post-season play, he's a liability, plain and simple.  
I've seen little-leagueres being heckled by their drunken father that exude more confidence on the baseball field.  
Let's stop throwing good money after bad and put him on the bench where he belongs. Maybe him and A-Rod can text each other.  
Holiday in October = Tits on a Boar. 
I'm Mountain Fresh, and I approved this message.
Ed Note: While we're moaning and pissing about players this morning, can I get a pulse check on Yadier Molina? Dude, we're going to look really silly pushing you for MVP if we keep forgetting you're playing ball. Maybe you're saving it for later? Please can we have some Yadi?