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Must-Watch Video: More Love For Stan the Man

Normally I like being a foul-mouthed jerkface blogger, but not today, kids. Let’s learn a little Stan Musial history, courtesy of Charlie Rose’s show the other night.

The title of this post was almost “old dudes talk about Stan the Man,” but really – old dudes are the only ones who should be talking about Stan the Man. Think about it, in 60 years, would you listen to a 20 or 30 year old blab about Albert Pujols? No, you’d trans-phazer his ass back to the digitation unit in his iHouse. Guys like Bob Costas, Tim McCarver and George Vecsey are the old dudes that need to talk about Stan Musial.

I know I’ve bashed Costas before about his seriuz jernalizm, but if I’m picking one living person I’d want to talk baseball with, it’s probably him (off the top of my head – maybe I throw Costas, Posnanski, Hummel, Lasorda and Sofia Vergara’s name in a hat and I’d be cool with any of them). I know for sure Bob and I wouldn’t agree on everything, but the guy knows his shit. And when he sits down like this to talk about Stan Musial, it’s a must-listen.

I’d love to embed this video, but it’s PBS…come on. It’s a really good 20 minute segment though, so check it out. Costas actually looks like he’s having fun, and not trying to win Emmy’s. McCarver is surprisingly insightful and not spewing out mindless garbage like he does every Saturday afternoon. And I’ve only heard of Vecsey, don’t know much about him – he may be a crotchety old bastard for all I know, but he provides some good insight as well.

Back to being foul-mouthed jerks tomorrow. Enjoy: