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NLCS GM3: ‘Real Soft Wood’

Not sure how it happened… 


The Cardinals were blanked Monday night in Los Angeles an now face the grim prospect of Lance Lynn needing to win a pivotal GM4 or face Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw again if they want to make it to the World Series. 

Again, Lance Lynn. On the road. Pivotal game. In the NLCS. (He went 3.2 innings in GM5 of the 2012 NLCS and gave up 4 runs and the Cardinals lost 5-0, BTW)


In the last 6 NLCS games, dating back to 2012, the Cardinals have score 5 runs. Total. They're swinging cooked spaghetti. Got the pop of a 2nd grade teeball slugger. They've made me think it was OK to publish those last two sentences… without being Rick Reilly.

Did I mention Lance Lynn? I think I did, but I forgot. I was too busy thinking about Lance Lynn. On the road. Pivotal game and all.


I don't want to get to down. After all the Cardinals are still up 2-1 in the series. And the Dodgers were expected to win at least one home game during this series. But it's hard not to think that the the Cardinals had a kill shot lined up and couldn't cock the hammer. 

Wainwright was good; he needed to be great. 

And you can mope about Jon Jay's defense, the call at the plate or the called third strike on Matt Carpenter all you want. Fact of the matter is the Cardinals bats have to do something. 

#HotTake, right?

Also, everyone that went to work or school today and talked about "best sports weekend ever in STL" shares some of the blame on this one. We tried to give you some better topics. You didn't listen. And now we're here.