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NLDS Game 2: Come On Out And Get Your Whuppin’


Lulz. Have you met our little friend Carlos Beltran? Doesn't look like it because he completely wrecked your face. In fact, somebody check and make sure Jordan Zimmerman got on the NOT Happy Flight home, because he might still be shivering in a corner somewhere underneath Busch Stadium.
Oh, and Jon Jay. Don't even think about forgetting Jon Jay.
The Cardinals pulled out one of their patented 12 run games out of their asses they've become famous for in 2012. Couldn't get a run home with the bases loaded and no outs? What? Us worry? 
Boom. Out comes the whuppin' stick.
It was fun to watch, friends. Very fun. You know, after Jamie Garcia got pulled in the 2nd inning. That wasn't all that fun, now that I think about it. But the rest of it? TOTALLY FUN!
The Cardinals now have a day off before heading Nationals Park (What, couldn't even get a sponsor? Weak.) for an exercise in which rich white guy can get tickets closer to the field. Hell, if you have a Nationals shirt over 1 year old, you should get a free hot dog. I'd say it's going to be hostile, but Mike Wilbon says that it won't
So it won't.
It's now a best of 3 with the Road Warrior Chris Carpenter taking the pill. I promise you he'll be ready. 
The Cardinals did what they had to do on Monday afternoon. Duces, STL. We'll be seeing more October baseball in you soon.