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On the Seventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

We’ll make it quick today because we know you’re watching your fantasy team melt down right before your eyes. Hope you play in a league where you get something for being good in the regular season.

If so, I can’t think of anything better to buy than some Cardinal Coasters, featuring game used dirt, wooo:

So what’s the over/under on how long it takes your drunk dad to put these into the DVD player? Six minutes?

This is pretty much the epitome of what Cardinal Crapmas is all about. Just plain old coasters are kind of “crap,” but I’ll acknowledge the fact that Cardinal coasters would be a fun way to add a little baseball into your living room decoration. Howevuh – adding authentic “game used dirt” and jacking up the price another 25-30 bucks, makes it officially crap that nobody needs.