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Ori-Oh-Noes: Cardinals Cudgeled In Baltimore

There were no signs of Omar, Marlo or Stringer Bell Friday night in Baltimore. The brutality, though, rivaled anything seen in HBO’s classic TV show ‘The Wire’.

In fact, I think this clip featuring Senator Clay Davis sums up the 12-2 loss quite well:

Physics defines momentum thusly: “the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity”.

The Cardinals are doing their very best to not only piss away a promising season, but change long undisputed scientific findings. Be honest – are you beginning to question the existence of momentum?

It was just 2 days ago when the Cardinals – for the umpteenth time – seemed to be getting something going. They had just (sort of) excised some 2013 World Series demons by taking a series against the Boston Red Sox. That on the heels of winning a series against the division leading Brewers.

Wouldn’t say this was a ‘tear’ by any means, but it was forward progress. Then… Friday night happened.

Justin Masterson was terrible. 2 innings, 5 ER, 7 hits, 3 BB, 2 hit batters. Nick Greenwood, ever the young sponge, came in to try and stop the bleeding. Instead he twirled almost a carbon copy of Masterson’s dud start.

Before the night was over, the Orioles had launched 6 home runs and score 12 runs forcing many Cardinals fans to enact the only mercy rule available for MLB games: turning off the TV.

Any momentum gained at home this past week was quickly flushed down the Camden Yards drain.

This isn’t anything new for the Cardinals in 2014. Nothing comes easy. And just when you think that a groove might be forming in some form or fashion, a loss crops up that douses that ember of hope.

Maybe the Cardinals make the playoffs in 2014. Maybe they don’t.

At this point, it’d be a fool’s errand to try and say that anything is probable with this team. But if they do make it, it won’t be by much. They’re like a gnat – easy enough to swat away, but keep coming back because you’re too lazy to get up and move.

Baltimore is a good team. But they’re not 10 runs better than St. Louis.

Back to the drawing board (again) for the Cardinals in 2014. Absolutely no one is surprised.

Photo: Businessweek