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Ozzie Smith Answers YOUR Questions

Baseball Hall of Fame member Ozzie Smith has had many illustrious distinctions in his career.

Yesterday, getting grilled by CardsDiaspora.com, will not rank among them.

In the 10 or so minutes we spent with the best SS the St. Louis Fighting Cardinals have ever employed, we covered more than a few topics: Was he offended by the RBI Baseball portrayal of him as a fat white guy? Had he ever been offered a protehsis to sign? Did he really have a swimming pool shaped like a glove in his back yard?

Remember… these are the questions that you posted and wanted answered, so I was nothing more than a trained dog. (Refresh your memory LINK HERE)

Unfortunalty, I wasn’t able to get the ones hammering him for endorsing a divorce lawyer. But after the RBI Baseball question, I’m not going to lie- I felt a little wierd. It ALWAYS looks easier on paper.

Other things we covered during the visit: prostate exams, his favorites double play wing-man, just what the hell is wrong with the 2010 Cards and a Ozzie admonishment at the NL’s pitiful All-Star Game performance the last decade.

Also, re-listening to this, it seems like we’re in a nasal off. I assure that I’ve not doctored this recording in any way and those are our actual voices. I apologize for that in advance…

Ozzie talked to us because he’s on a promitional campaign to end prostate cancer. Check out the LINK HERE for more information on this cause from Depend (note: the website link is a little janky, may not load…). And if you’re over 50 and black, make sure to get a prostate exam.

They really nailed their demo with the CD, huh?

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