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Ozzie Smith Appears To Be A Leading Regenerative Medicine Doctor Now

No in-flight wifi, I told myself. That 8 dollars can be put to better use.

Problem is when you cross the 1-hour mark of a 2-hour flight, there’s no turning back.

Can’t pay for the wifi now no matter how bored you are. You have to stand for something or you stand for nothing.

So out comes the free back-seat magazine.

Personally, I like the ads.

They’re odd in ways that are very specific to airplane publications. Plastic injection molding purveyors next to Vegas shows next to the ‘Top Docs’ in America specified by no one in particular… but the photos look professional.

I’d trust that person to operate on me!

I always look to see if there’s a ‘Top Doc’ from St. Louis.

Do you?

While scanning the page, I noticed something under the ‘Leaders in Regenerative Medicine’ full-page ad… a doc from St. Louis!

You know what, he looks very familiar.


What about if I zoom in?

Hell of a second act by The Wizard.

Ok, Ok.

This is 100% a sponsorship deal that Ozzie Smith has with this doctor group.


Since there’s no mention of him anywhere in the blurb. And since (sadly) more people don’t recognize the best defensive baseball player ever than do.


There are probably a bunch of flyers that have flipped through this magazine and thought “that doctor must really love baseball”.

And then moved along with their day.

Probably regretting not getting wifi from the jump, like me.

Photo: Sporting News