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Pay Attention Cardinals Fans – These Are The Cubs We’ll Be Battling

The Cubs aren’t very good.

At 59-74, they reside at the bottom of the NL Central, 14 games out of first place. With a month left to go in 2014, the North Siders don’t have anything left to play for other than pride.

And we know where that’s gotten them the past 106 years.

But if you haven’t been paying attention, the Cubs have been sticking to their rebuilding plan fastidiously under GM Theo Epstein. And the fruits of this latest round of pain are starting to bear out.

Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro are having very good years. Both 2014 All-Stars, they’ve continued to grow into their roles as the ‘veteran’ guys on this team. Considering they’re respectively 25 and 24 years old, this might just be a different rebuilding process than before.

A few weeks ago, the Cubs called up uber- prospect Javier Baez. And in his first game in the show, he hit a game-winning home run.

Then, on Wednesday night, another heralded prospect, Jorge Soler had his first MLB at bat. Again, home run.

The Cubs best hitting prospect, Kris Bryant won’t be called up this season, even after the September roster expansions, to save money on his arbitration clock. But what’s he doing in the minors? Oh, just trying to get to 50 home runs.

Yes, 50.

I know, I know. It’s the Cubs. They could screw up an orgasm. But at this point, it looks like they might have made a plan, stuck to it and could be really, really good in the next year or two.

Unlike Cubs fans that think a NL Central title is preordained in 2016 through forever, we’re all a bit more skeptical. After all, it’s not like the Cardinals are going to stop trying to get better or have an old ball club on its final legs.

Still, the longed for rivalry with the Cubs might be closer than we imagined. And this weekend at Busch Stadium we’ll get to see these Cubbie young guns up close and personal.

The dream NLCS for Cubs and Cardinals fans won’t be happening in 2014. Soon, though?


They’ll probably figure out a way to Cub this up.

Photo: Chi City Sports