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Peoria Chiefs Auction For Tornado Relief

About 11 miles to the east of Peoria, is Washington IL. 

As you read this, over 400 people in that community are without a home… having it destroyed by tornadoes last weekend. Don't take my word for it, though – look at the pictures here

It's going to be a long road back for many of these families. We're wishing them nothing but good thoughts. 

As with many natural disasters, communities are pulling together to try and help in any way that they can. The St. Louis Cardinals Class A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs, are having an action to raise relief funds.


Unlike those charity events where you have to spend roughly a million dollars and three fingers to have a chance of winning an item, the Chiefs have a wide array of things to bid on for every price range. Plus you can do it all online from wherever you're reading. 

A quick perusal of the items shows some pretty good deals. The holiday season is almost here… might be a good shopping value?  So, you know, now you're a rockstar to even MORE people.

Win – Win. 

If you've thought about helping out, but haven't been motivated to do so yet… this could be a way to get involved. 

The Central Illinois chapter of the Red Cross is also accepting donations if you care to help that way in addition to or instead of the auction.

Either way, we figured we'd share and let you know how you could help if you're so in inclined.