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Playing World Series Catch-Up & The Friday Links

It's been over a week since the Cardinals lost the World Series. 

We're finally OK enough to start sifting through some of the rubble and seeing some stuff we've missed during the party. The good thing about the internet? It NEVER forgets. So let's look at three stories that we overlooked…

1) The Stock Market Is Going To Crash

Not the news I was hoping for either, right. But when the Cardinals win the World Series, the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes up. 9 out of the 10 times (I'm assuming the Dow wasn't an Index the first of the Cardinals titles. Too lazy to check that.) By an average of 13%. You wanted a raise? Too bad. Go re-watch Big Papi highlights. There is your raise.

2) Wait , It Was Actually Domino's?

David Freese just couldn't win in 2013. STL's golden boy Tweeted out that Imo's was on the way during a 6+ hour flight delay before GM6, when it actually was Domino's that brought the pies. No word yet on how this will effect the forthcoming potential arbitration of Freese.

3) What Happens To Those 2013 World Series Champion Cardinals Shirts?

You think you're a true masochist? Go ahead. Click that link. Read all about what's happening to the merchandise you were begging to buy. Read it in the smug tone of this Boston reporter. Go ahead. Do it. But don't say we didn't warn you that it was going to ruin your Friday. At least a little.

Now, the Friday Links…

Merry Christmas, kids. LINK HERE

Some days, you just take the train. LINK HERE

The best way to cook bacon. LINK HERE

Drunk man ends up in a body bag. In a morgue. LINK HERE

The Bottle Boys. LINK HERE

Entire movies in .GIF form. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. College basketball has begun. College football is headed into the home stretch. The NFL is over half-way done. I'd say it's a great weekend to just sit and stare at moving pictures for 48 hours straight. Who's in?