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Psychic Readings Of The St. Louis Cardinals

Do you like psychic readings? Do you like St. Louis Cardinal baseball? 

Buckle up, then. Because this is your lucky day.

A couple of weeks ago, Hollywood Psychics reached out to Cards Diaspora and asked if we've post readings for noteworthy Cardinal players. We could pick whoever we wanted a reading from, and they'd do all the, you know, psychic stuff.

Below are the results. I haven't edited anything they wrote, besides adding in a link to their site… so this is straight from the psychic to you.

Full disclosure:

This post is all in good fun. We don't have a business partnership with this site, just something we thought you'd like. Hopefully we were right. 

So enjoy…

The St. Louis Cardinals have been a dominant force in major league baseball for some time. The team’s current roster appears to take its cue from perhaps the greatest Cardinal of all time, Stan Musial, taking up Musial’s mantle of humble sportsmanship and a commitment to excellence on the field. Further buoyed by strong, city-wide fan support, this stellar group of athletes is consistently a force to be reckoned with on the diamond year after year. 

The term “stellar” applies to the Cardinals in more ways than one. Not only does it nod to their star-studded team of athletes, but it can also refer to their astrological compatibility as teammates. 

Let’s take a look at the zodiac signs of several of noteworthy Cardinals and see what makes them tick, as well as how their sense of team camaraderie is written in the stars. 

Mike Matheny – Manager (Virgo)

Born under the sign of Virgo, Cards’ manager Mike Matheny’s pragmatism is astrologically ingrained in him. Known for their meticulous eye for detail and mapping out strategies to the letter, Matheny’s Virgoan tendencies are evident in both his tenure as a manager and his distinction as one of the greatest Golden Glove catchers of his era as an active player. A consummate perfectionist, Virgo also has an extremely caring side, evident by his willingness to go to bat (pardon the pun) for his team — going so far as to be ejected from a game against the Chicago Cubs for arguing a call with the umpire.

Adam Wainwright – Pitcher (Virgo)

Another Virgo, Adam Wainwright shares much in common with his manager, Matheny. As a Virgo, his yearning for perfection makes a great deal of sense with respect to Wainwright constantly tweaking and improving his pitching repertoire, hurling cutters and curveballs in excess of 90 mph from the pitcher’s mound. Although generally known as a kind, affable player, Wainwright’s demand for excellence from himself and others extends even into the realm of barbeque

Yadier Molina – Catcher (Cancer)

The protective nature of Cancer the Crab is clear when presented with Yadi’s status as one of major league baseball’s greatest defensive catchers in the game today. Born under the sign of the crab, Molina possesses all of the sign’s intuition and emotion, as this particular zodiac sign is governed by the moon and its effects on shifting tides. Some of Yadi’s greatest plays have demonstrated his Cancerian sense of instinct to be precisely where his team needs him to be on the field at exactly the right moment. 

David Freese – Third Base (Taurus)

Typical of his sign, third baseman David Freese charges forward like Taurus the bull and never looks back. The World Series MVP and Babe Ruth Award-winner is viewed not only as a high-powered baseman, but one of the Cards’ best hitters. Taurus is patient, yet persistent — two traits which are hallmarks of Freese’s career. Also in-line with his astrological sign, Freese has been on the list of injured players quite a bit. This is interesting to note given that (along with Aries, Pisces and Cancer) Taurus is one of the zodiac signs most prone to injury. 

How The Signs — and Cardinals Players — Relate To Each Other

Virgo and Taurus are earth signs that get along extremely well with one another. Taurus has a calming, reassuring effect on anxious Virgo. While Matheny may agonize over the perfect play, Taurean Freese is able to calm their nerves and assure them that even a play run afoul can be salvaged with a solid hit and a few runs. On the flipside, Taurus feeds off of Virgo’s goal-driven attitude with the signs bringing the best out of each other.

Virgo and Cancer have a mutual admiration for one another. Remember who was the first to hug Adam Wainwright after he pitched a complete game shutout? Oh, yeah! That was Yadi!  Cancer may not always grasp Virgo’s drive for perfection, and prefer to take a more laid back approach to things, but the two have a strong amount of respect for each other’s talents.

On the other side of the fence, Taurus and Cancer are two of the most compatible signs of the zodiac and consistently “get” one another. Taurus can be somewhat needy, but Cancer is one of those signs that likes to feel needed. They share similar goals and are both driven by money, but also crave security. Contract negotiations for both Yadi and Freese in recent years indicate their strong loyalty to the Cardinals while still ensuring they’re well-paid for their talents.  

Overall, the Cardinals’ team dynamic is one of the most harmonious in baseball. It’s little wonder that they are consistently in the race for the pennant. Here’s to a winning 2013 season!

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