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Regret Nothing

Maybe you don't like Kanye West. 

But he's a genius. 

And yes, you can be reductive. And disagree because you've never taken the time to dig deeper on Mr. West. He's made it easy from time to time. 

But yesterday during an interview on the Rickey Smiley Show, Ye said that lots of people think he's crazy. He's not. He's "learning out loud". And the people that choose this path are going to have negativity put on them from people that have stopped discovering things for and about themselves.

Isn't that the TRUTH? Think about the people in your life that are negative forces. They're never the explorers. They're never the doers. They just like the bring the ones outside of the pack back in line.

So you know what, maybe this guy really loved Pujols and doesn't care that he left St. Louis. He obviously cares deeply for the Rams, as anyone that's had tattoos on sensitive parts can attest… and hell, they might leave him too.

But actually…

He's learning out loud. We at Cards Diaspora salute him. And hope that Stan Kroenke can figure out something with the dome so we can get you the pub you deserve when the Rams finally make the playoffs again.