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Remembering The Reds Toe Sucker & The Friday Links

It's been nearly 2 years, but it's still fresh in my memory. 

July 4th 2011. 

The lady in the Reds cap turned around. Looked my friend in the eye. And asked to suck his toes. (Full story HERE)

That's right. In the middle of summer. With all the dirt, grime and urine coating this friends feet, she came right out with her desire and wasn't denied. Thank goodness for cell phones so we could capture the moment.

Just think about this, Cardinal Nation. Think about what this represents. 

Reds fans want to be Cardinal fans, but they can't measure up. They end up sucking the proverbial toe.

Now, The Friday Links…

You dropped the ball Google. LINK HERE

Urinals for drunk people. LINK HERE

Put that pet bunny to work. LINK HERE

Vet win. LINK HERE

Homer, with the truth. LINK HERE

A border story. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. Big weekend for the Cardinals in Ohio. It's going to be a battle. And everyone in baseball will be watching. Or they won't be, since the hype machine has focused on a new target. You think ESPN tried to take-back the Sunday Night game and get the Dodgers on?