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Results Of Stan Musial Auction

Early in October, the Musial family and Heritage Auctions announced that they'd be holding a Stan Musial memorabilia auction and earlier this week, the final bids were accepted. 

Hundreds of people participated in the event, but the fact that you haven't been contacted yet probably means you didn't win.

It's OK, baller, you'll get 'em next time.

Unlike the wildly depressing Ozzie Smith auction, most of the items were either gifts (like WS rings after his playing days) or something that there was (at least to the family) a surplus of (like jerseys).

The family decided that a way to get some historical items out to Musial's adoring public was a auction. They assumed that the public would want a piece of the most iconic Cardinal of them all. 

Done and done.

The people spoke with their wallets and it looks like the 2011 World Series is roughly $90,000 more valuable than the 2006 one. Who knew?

Complete list: LINK HERE

Some of the highlights:

+ 2011 World Series ring (gift from Cardinals) = $191,200

+ 2006 World Series ring (gift from Cardinals) = $101,575

+ 1955 Cardinals jersey (signed & worn) = $56,763

+ Stan Musial signed checks =$36,609

+ US Navy jersey (worn) = $16,000

+ Signed baseball from babe Ruth = $53,000

+ 4 page letter from Ty Cobb to Musial + $71,700

The total haul was around 1.2 million dollars of Musial related items being dispersed to the public. Or about 220K more than 'The Man' made in his entire career.