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Shameless Plugs Abound

The Cardinals have put that miserable road trip to rest and taken the series against the NY Pondscum. But they’re not the only ones heating up. 

Milwaukee has won 8 of their past 10. They’re inching closer to .500. And with 9 of their next 13 games against three of the teams they’re chasing for the Wild Card… Brewers fans are invoking the 2011 Cardinals name as we head down the stretch. 


Yes. Now it isn’t just the Cardinal fans that are delusional about how historic that comeback was in 2011. Nope, little brother wants a miracle of their own.

The Brewers Bar
asked me to write a litte something that would smack Brewer Fan back into reality.

An excerpt:

The Cardinals won the World Series, yes. (PS: It’s awesome. You should try it sometime soon) But they also then brought Back Lance Berkman, counted on Chris Carpenter and extended Rafael Furcal. And now they’re 10 games out of the NL Central. Probably should be more.

The significant turnover of a roster was retarded by the magic of 2011. And now they’re right back where they were in 2011 to start September: frustrated, breaking down and clinging on to hope.

Am I allowed to do that anymore? What’s the rule here? Jonah Lehrer can I? 

Read the full article (LINK HERE) and enjoy a liberal amount of cussing.

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