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Shelby Miller Opens Up… In NY Times Wedding Section

Shelby Miller, he of 15 wins and a third place medal for NL Rookie of the Year, has finally (sort of) opened up about his benching in the postseason. 

Of course, it's in the NY Times 'Weddings & Celebrations' section from this past weekend.

"She [Amy Peters] would remind me that I was good and there was some reason unknown to us why I wasn't pitching," Miller told the paper of record. 

So OK it's not earth shattering – you'd expect a Major League baseball player to want to play in the biggest games. But when it's the lede graph in a huge spread in one of the nation's most prestigious news organizations?

Well, I guess it's just weird. Like we said yesterday, we're having to work for material here.

Other notes from the article:

+ The bride wore pink cowboy boots, to match the bridesmaids' bright pink, above-the-knee strapless dresses.

+ Drink of choice for Shelby? 'Shelby's Strike Out' – a lime margarita.

+ Joe Kelly was a groomsman. Lance Lynn was in attendance. And it was officiated by the Cardinals' Chaplin, but coach Matheny did say a prayer before the meal.

+ Both were involved with other people (albeit casually) when they started a text based relationship. But he won her over with his sense of humor.

+ Miller did ask to formally be a boyfriend to Ms. Peters four months after they met. 

Good for the Miller's. Looks like they had a big time at their wedding. And have somehow basked in the national wedding spotlight that only the Times can shine on newly ringed couples.