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Shout Out To Adams County Iowa

The Wall Street Journal has released a map of the most ‘liked’ MLB teams in each county of the US.


No surprise that the Cardinals swath is strong in MO and IL, with multiple counties in MS, AR, OK, TN and KY represented. Even a few IA counties near the top edge of MO are bleeding red.

But Adams County? They’re right in the middle of Cubs country. And they’re standing up for what’s good and right in America and representing The Nation. Well done Adams County.

Quick facts about Adams County IA? You got it.

1) Population of 3,911 in 2012.

2) Unemployment rate of only 3.7% (Cardinals fans? We work.)

3) Named after former President of the US John Adams.

4) Sweet county website? Indeed: LINK HERE

Please note: I think that’s Adams County on the map. If not, feel free to correct me. But I did look at a county map of Iowa for this post, which is way more research than usual.