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Talk Baseball? Do We Have To?

Well, eventually we all knew it would come to this: we’d eventually have to start talking baseball on this stupid baseball site.


But what about American Idol (bu-bye Paige) or the NCAA tourney (bu-bye Cornell) or The Jersey Shore 2 (bu-bye moral fabric of America)? I know. I know. But the overlords that own this site mandated that we at least make a veiled effort to talk about the Cardinals. Actually, it was more like an e-mail that simply said:

“Tell me why we keyword optimized this site with baseball again?”

Fair enough.

Luckily a fine gent by the name of Jaymes Langrehr e-mailed me this week and wanted to know if I’d answer some questions for his Milwaukee Brewers site, Brewers Bar.

Ha! Perfect! I’ll just spew some BS and not even have to think of an interesting premise myself? Money.


Re-reading what I wrote, It really did hit me hard that I’m one of the top baseball minds in this country. I’ve got a knack for not only insightful analysis, but also breathtaking wit. I’m the new Bill James… but sexier. Go ME!

Check it out, if you haven’t clicked already. Every click nets Jaymes .001 cents. This is about what I’d pay for a Miller Lite. That shit is nasty.