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The Big Deals Of 2014

Robinson Cano – 240M dollars

Shin-Soo Choo – 130M dollars

Jacoby Ellsbury – 153M dollars

These are just some of the large free agent contracts that were handed out by MLB teams this off-season. And as Spring Training starts this week, the excitement of seeing what new these and other free agents bring to their new cities and teams will rise.

Over at Grantland, they released their annual list of the worst contracts in baseball. Ever think you'd see this guy as the posterboy for terrible contracts?

I mean, maybe in 2020, but not in 2014. But here we are. 

Year after year, without exception, teams have been giving players massive contracts. But when I was thinking about how good the Cardinals are going to be in 2014 and how if they didn't break the bank with a stupid contract for that guy above…

1) Will the Cardinals ever sign a huge free agent again?

2) Will MLB ever just stop with the huge contracts? 

I'm not sure on either question. But the Cardinals have proved that you can win with young talent. MLB has seen the failure of big contract after big contract. And I can't help but think that we might be seeing the last of the mega free agents in baseball.

What's the upside? Can Cano ever live up to that contract? Was Pujols doomed to be an under performer from the time he singed with the Angels? When the average Joe Six Pack fan starts to question the veracity of NOT building through the draft… the gravy train might just be drying up.

With the influx of money that many new TV deals are brining in, there will always be exceptions. That is until more teams adopt the Cardinals methods and decide to fully trust their process and pass on the big ticket items.

Until then, enjoy the money everyone.