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The Boring Season Drones On

I think I've been able to distill the real disappointment of 2012. 

As we've moved on from the NLCS debacle and accepted the ultimate fate of the Cardinals, the reason that we've been unable to let this fully go is boring, but true.
We don't have anything to look forward to until April.
See, I told you it was stupid simple.
But as opposed to last off-season, one that saw the subtraction of Pujols and the addition on Beltran, there is little hope for drama. Kyle Lohse is leaving. The Cardinals have said they're aren't pressing needs that require a splash.
That's true.
The Cardinals are pretty well set, sans some minor tinkering. They won't be making an signing that is going to register on the front page of ESPN. Hell, the front page of the ESPN Baseball section is a pipe dream. 
What we're really excited for it to see Shelby Miller or Trevor Rosenthal in action again. Or if Oscar Taveras can make the club. And those answers aren't coming in the Hot Stove season. They'll be bore out during spring. 
Again, it's not a bad thing to have a contending team that's stable. It's a very good thing.
It makes the off-season looooooooong. And when the calendar barely says November, it's hard to find the silver lining in maintaining the status quo.
When is spring?