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The Brawl In The NL Central

So I guess it's a good thing that a 2 game losing streak is cause for concern. 

Epically when one of the L's was a game where all-world catcher Yadier Molina served a 1-game suspension and Joe Kelly was brought in from the bullpen to 'give it a go'. Yes, the bullpen came in and got gassed, but again… the Cardinals were playing to get through the night.

It's the best team in baseball, they say. Even the best teams lose in bunches.

Trouble is, the Cardinals play in a division with possibly the second best team in baseball. And the 2.5 game lead margin hasn't increased throughout May and June, even though the wins have been accumulated. 

Now, if the Cardinals don't win today, the team that has topped many power polls on Monday, could be a second place team in its own division less than a week later. 

I think that we're judging this season against the mean.

Get to almost 20 games over .500 by the 1st week in June? PFFFFT, what are you worrying about son. This team is golden! And in pretty much any other year, you'd be right. The Cardinals would be 5-8 games up and taking care of business.

But it's an exceptional year. 

And the Cardinals are in a classic fight. This is Gatti/Ward. This is Hearns/Hagler. This is the Rumble in the Heartland. And while it's totally unfair, the Cardinals standards have to be judged on another scale. If the Reds are good, the Cards have to be great. If they're great, excellent is the new goal.

More than 1/4 of the way through 2013, it's clear that this is going to be an epic brawl. And while pissing away a game in early June has been done many-a-time for many-a-reason, this might just be the year when it hurts the most.