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They Aren’t Done Punching You in the Balls and the Friday Links

You won’t believe this shit. Well, maybe you will, because you know the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals love pulling the rug out from under our feet over and over.

And over.

And over. (I’m talking about the season now.)

Flashback to yesterday afternoon – Hooks is stuck in DC, presumably banging chicks with Ankiel, and he asks me to crank out a Friday article. I’m always willing to do so, despite being absent from the Diaspora and Twitter for a couple weeks now.  Maybe I’m an ass, but I’m a much better blogger and Tweeter when the Cardinals suck, so I’ve been hiding in the bushes lately.  Plus superstition, right? I figured this would be a great opportunity to publicly jump back on the bus, and start believing in this team again. I even planned on putting out a post-game article and this one for Friday, I was so pumped.

At 5:30 pm yesterday, I was ready to leave the office with the Cards up 6-1 going to the top of the 8th. I was finishing up a quick blurb about how I can’t believe the Cardinals are ONE measly game behind the Braves, and it was only a matter of days before champagne was being popped for a miraculous wild card playoff berth. I was heading to softball, so I considered setting the article to post at 6:30pm so we could be one of the first sites out there with a reaction piece.

Then around 6:15…well, you know:

Thursday’s loss reminded us who we’re dealing with – the most unpredictable and most frustrating bunch of jerks to ever wear the Cardinal uniform (I say that out of love, honestly). I know if I keep my #1 foam finger and rally towels out, they’re going to suck. If I get all critical about how terrible this team is, they’re going to reel off 12 wins in 14 games.

The lowly Cubs come into town with the seventh worst record in baseball. Do the Cardinals take care of business and sweep an inferior team, or play down to the level of competition and finish off our much-damaged balls once and for all?

Now, the Friday links:

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That’s it for the week. I know Hooks would say this if he were typing, so blame him for ruining your weekend before it even begins – will Sunday be Albert’s last game as a Cardinal at Busch? I’ll punch Jason Motte if it is.