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The Cardinals Finally Slay Goliath & Friday Links

What warriors!

The Cardinals picked up that stone, slug it with all their might and beat the mighty, mighty Brewers in an upset that Goliath is calling “monumental”. FSN will be working feverishly all day on a retrospective of this historic night starring Ricky Horton and B.J. Rains to air before the Cards take on the Rocks.

Can’t. Wait.

4 back with 40 games left and 6 head to head isn’t insurmountable. As I’m sure your overly positive buddy can attest to. But at this point, I think it’s pretty fair to quote Denny Green and say the Cardinals are who we thought they were – a slightly above .500 team that’s capable of beating most teams when they get a decent start and… well, that’s it.

They aren’t good. They aren’t great. They aren’t capable of a prolonged hot streak or clutch hitting or any other trait of a team that has a hope to win it all in October.

In fact, this team is almost a mirrored image of the 2006 team that won it all. Only problem is that in 2006, the Cardinals had less than no competition in the NL Central and in 2011, the Brewers seem like they came to play ball.

The worst part?

It’s not NOT making the playoffs in 2011. That happens. It’s the off-season where everyone  who is anyone is up to either return or not return depending on what Cardinals management decides to do. Everything is on the table… from a complete re-build and a 60 million dollar roster to a re-signing of everyone and a run at a World Series over the next 2 years.

Much of it depends on Pujols… and that in and of itself is a situation mired in some pretty explosive landmines. Is the guy starting to taper off and become human? Was this just some shitty luck in a contract year? You don’t know. I don’t know. But we’re not making the call.

Do you trust the people that are?

And I guess that’s kind of where we stand with the Cardinals… they’re coasting home with probably what will end up to be about a 10 game over .500 record and the books in the black. Yet the future is as murky as it’s ever been. This will be the first off-season in a long time where the management of the Cardinals has to make multiple HARD decisions on guys like Pujols, Berkman, Carpenter, etc. And at this point, do you really trust them to make the right ones?


Now, the Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. Have a big weekend and remember that once you’ve decided that you’ve had enough baseball, the Rammies will be playing Saturday night.