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The Cardinals Masterson Of Their Own Domain

My boss isn’t a Cardinals fan.

So when he popped into my office head hung low telling me the Cardinals made a trade… my heart skipped a beat.


He shook his head no.


A pause. Another beat skipped. Then the most disappointing head shake of the day.

Who? Who has you, Mr. Non-Cardinals fan, so despondent? Who has made you hang your head so low with the realization that this new Redbird was arriving to help eat up the NL Central? Who dammit!


Justin Masterson he cackles as walks down the hall. Masterson? Masterston, huh.

What does Bob Nightengale, the respected reporter from the USA Today have to say about this Masterson kid?

Masterson, a free agent at the season’s conclusion, has been a huge disappointment for Cleveland this season, with a drop in velocity. He was their opening-day starter, but is, 4-6 with a 5.51 ERA.

At least he’s not currently on the DL. Wait, what?

Ok, so he’s a former All-Star. And he’s a low risk, high reward get. And (we believe) he’s coming off the DL to start on Saturday for the Birds. So it’s not like this is the worst trade of all-time. Heck, you can make a case that it’s a pretty good trade pending your thoughts on James Ramsey.

But after getting teased with visions of Price and Lester the past week forming a super postseason troika with Wainwright and Wacha? It’s just not as splashy. At least one Indian is sad to see him go:

Jake Westbrook turned out to be a washed-out Clevelander cum Cardinal that ended up all-right, no?

At least Mo didn’t stand pat and do nothing. He could of just done nothing.

Welcome to the team, Justin Masterson. No pressure or anything, but the Cardinals are going to need you to regain that All-Star form by the weekend. If you haven’t noticed, you’re now in the thick of a playoff push.

Photo: ESPN