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The CD Year In Review: 2012

The end of 2012 is almost here, so what better time to pull out the ace in the hole every lazy columnist has… a year end review! 

It took all of three clicks to sort the articles on our site by page views and these are the top 5 that you guys read in last year. I've added in some color below each link to make this all seem 'fresh', so at least there's that. 

+ "Pujols Was Almost A  Red" LINK HERE

This little nugget was buried inside an ESPN Podcast. And while ESPN is the 'World Wide Leader' in sports media, they also have a TON of content. So when I ran out of things to listen to at the gym, I tried a pod with Jonah Keri & Steve Berthiaume. 

The page views were helped quite a bit by a column referencing the article on Cincinatti.com and a some love from Berthiaume himself. But I have to say, this was the only pod I listened to in 2012 to make certain I heard what I thought I heard was right. 

+ "A David Freese Game 6 Story…" LINK HERE

A slice of life. I'm happy to know that this story was relayed to Mr. Freese at some point and I hope that his sister tells the story from her angle when re-living the best baseball game ever played.

I have one picture in my office. And it's me with 2 friends 3 minutes after this game officially ended. All three of us have a look on our faces that would be impossible to reproduce. 

+ "Bachelorette Live Blog: Episode 8" LINK HERE

You guys don't know this… but I actually did have some serious conversations about stopping this site as a baseball-ish place and making it 100% Bachelor/Bachelorette related content.

In fact more posts than this one rank in the top 5 of hits, but for some reason Episode 8 was the most popular. I just pulled one for this list.

It helps that contestants on the show seem to like these re-caps and Tweet them out for sure. But the fact that this is also a 9 month TV show that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon made for a tantalizing business option. Then we remembered we don't make any money now… so why screw up a good thing?

+ "Pujols Left The Best Fans In Baseball For This?" LINK HERE

We've covered Pujols in-depth on this site. A fascinating man/story from so many angles. And his start in LA was epic. 

Epically awful.

I don't know if the city ever really responded to Pujols. And if the Angels don't deliver big results in '13 with the addition of Josh Hamilton… what happens then? I don't know if we'll ever get tired of seeing what Pujols is up to.

+ "The Ozzie Smith We Weren't Supposed To See" LINK HERE

My favorite piece of 2012 was also one of the most personal to me. In short, it's pretty disturbing to me that the awards and accolades I was so passionate about Ozzie getting while I was growing up were all sold.

Worse, Ozzie basically said he didn't care about them because it wasn't about the money, it was just stuff to sell.

Obviously, he's a prideful man trying to save a bit of face, but it was still hard to swallow that something I took such a rooting interest in could be discarded so easily.

So that's 2012.

We'll be posting through the end of the year, since some unused vacation time is in full use.