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The David Price Drama Now Features Evan Longoria Too?

Sunday Night baseball is the MLB’s big weekly national showcase.

ESPN cherry picks the best series each weekend and puts their considerable production weight (i.e. $$$) behind making a marquee TV show – the bump into a commercial break around the 4th inning featuring Pappy’s was a personal favorite last night.

So even though the Dodgers vs Cardinals game selection was made months ago, this NLCS re-match featured Clayton Kershaw coming off a week where he was ‘screwed’ by the Cardinals manager out of an All-Star Game start.

So everyone wanted to see what happened. Even David Price:

Ok. Deep breaths.

The Cardinals are playing a quick 2 game set with the Rays starting on Tuesday. And it looks like they’re already in town (?) The trade deadline is only 10 days away and David Price is the biggest name on the block (that we know of).

If you watched the game last night, you saw a starter that could barely go four innings and a former starter barely get through one. With Jaime Garica out for the year and Mike Wacha continuing to rehab, the David Price option seems just about PERFECT for the Cardinals, no?

Totally projecting here, but doesn’t it sound like Price is having a pretty good time? National TV. Packed house. Playing for NL dominance. Fresh BL brewed right up the street. He’s totally telling his agent to get this deal done with the Cards.

But wait… there’s more:

Not only is David Price coming to St. Louis… Evan Longoria is as well? Now that, my friends, is called some trade deadline magic. I don’t know what “corner” the Cardinals are keeping this mad genius in, but they need to get him an office with a window and a dedicated phone line to Bill DeWitt!

The Cardinals need a shake-up. The Rays need to get their payroll under control.

Mark Ellis and Daniel Descalso for David Price and Evan Longoria seems reasonable enough for me. You good with it? Good. Let’s get the paperwork drawn up.

Photo: Hardball Talk