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The Forgettables & The Friday Links

Toronto comes to town tonight. 

I once went to Toronto when I was like 13 and saw a Blue Jay’s game in SkyDome. It probably wasn’t the first retractable roof stadium ever, nor the first to have the idea of attaching a hotel overlooking the field… but at the time, I thought that everything about Toronto was AWESOME.

Seriously, a hotel that overlooks the field? You mean I can just stare out at an empty field all freaking night if I want to?

I really haven’t thought much about Toronto until I looked at the schedule today and saw they were coming to town. I appreciated them bailing on Chris Carpenter a while back, but other than that, the Blue Jays have just been of complete insignificance to me in every way.

That’s actually tough to do. To be a huge metropolitan city, but forgettable in every single way.  Even the CN Tower, that really tall needle thing, is forgettable. What is its purpose? Isn’t supposed to be the tallest something or another? What providence is damn city even in?

So chances are you’ll watch this series over the weekend. And chances are that a month from now, whenever I don’t bring up this series, you’ll be like, oh yeah- the Blue Jays did come to town, didn’t they.

Let’s hope the Cardinals win, I guess.

Now, the Friday Links…

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2 years ago this week, Marcella, the official mother to The CD passed away. Some of you loyal readers remember her writing for us occasionally about the Memphis Redbirds. Marcella was really great to me personally and much more than just a voice on the site. We still miss her and know she’s wishing us good things from somewhere.