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The Leaked Rap Song Titled… Albert Pujols

When will life let us move on from hearing or seeing the name “Albert Pujols”?

Despite being fans of the World Series Champions, life still hates us. Any time something Albert Pujols-related comes across our eyes or ears, it feels like a continuous nightmare that we can’t wake up from. Sorry for dragging you into hell with us, but check out a little bit of this song that leaked to the rap community (and nerdy Cardinal bloggers, which are two very separate groups of people, trust me) Tuesday afternoon:

I have no clue who Wale is, and I know Rick Ross is cool because this is a photo of him:

But come on, rap about Mike Stanton or Jose Bautista, or even Adam Dunn five years ago. Quit torturing us! The good news is that it’ll be pretty funny when I trick Hooks into busting out some rhymes with this song sometime down the road, right?