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The Moment Why We Love/Hate Baseball

I wasn't planning on going to the Cardinals game.

One of the perks of living downtown (besides the constant fear of MURDER) is being offered Cardinals tickets on the regular. Not becuase people enjoy my company, per se. But because they know I'm close, like baseball and will at least be appreciateve of the ticket.

About 5:30, a co-worker asked if I wanted to go. It was a nice night… why not.

Then this:

Mike Wacha pitches the game of his career. Comes within a half foot (on 2 different plays) of having his first no-hitter as a professional, the first no-hitter at Busch Stadium since 1983 and the first no-hitter since Bud Smith was an actual player for the Cardinals. 

Pretty cool.

A couple of points?

1) Baseball fans. We're all baseball fans. And we get shit on quite a bit. But the people that love baseball know that it's the only sport where a random Tuesday night in Septemeber can all of a sudden turn into a gut-wrenching hour long nerve-fest. 

2) That wasn't an error. And it shouldn't have been called an error. But still, it would have been awesome to see the reaction today if Kozma just launched that throw into the stands.

The best part? We get to do it all over again at lunch today.

(Video h/t: @Okidoca)