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The Saddest Picture Of Pujols’ 500th Home Run

I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about it, other than send congratulations for a great accomplishment.

500 home runs. That’s something pretty special. But when I saw this tweet from @Dathan7, I got a little sad.

Look at their faces. Albert, stoic as ever. Almost pissed he didn’t get to this milestone last year. Or the year before. The Cardinals fan, happy, but not in a euphoric way. Polite applause for a moment in MLB history.

Everything is captured here.

Albert, who was paid 240 million dollars so that the Angels could ride the wave of these check posts to the Hall of Fame, went ahead and accomplished his first big one on the road. In a National League stadium.

The fan, who could be anything from a Cardinals diehard that lived in D.C. and bought the best seat in the house for the long-shot chance that Pujols would jack 2 HRs last night to a guy that found a Saturday jersey in the bushes outside the stadium left over from the past weekend, right there, in the money shot, reminding America that Pujols will never really, truly be an Angel.

The Angels guy, who is taking a picture, but is wearing a grin that says he’s more excited about telling everyone on Facebook he was there when Pujols broke 500 than actually being there.

The two National Fans, couldn’t even be bothered to stand up for history, proving once and for all that unless it involves an insider, political or otherwise, they don’t have any true interest in what happens in the rest of the country.

Sigh. That dude had to be right there, didn’t he? Let’s hope sports people with more resources than a 11 dollar per month operating budget can track that kid down and see what his story is.

Again, congrats to Mr. Pujols.