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Things We Loved/Hated This Weekend

It’s only fitting.

The 2011 Cardinals are the cruelest team that fans have endured in a long time. They give us what we want… some of the time. They do what they’re capable of… if they feel like it.

Friday night, the season was over. 3 back with five to play is about as insurmountable as 10.5 back with 30 to go. But now, on Monday morning, the Cardinals are again within one. Inexplicably.

Things we loved from the weekend?

+ Andron Chambers and his rally towel from the dugout.  Fun? From the Cardinals dugout?

+ The first inning standing ovation for Albert Pujols. Succinctly, if that guy bats again in that stadium in another jersey, it will be flipping awful.

+ Bottom of the 9 rally where one hit somehow produces 2 runs and a walk off win.

+ Making sure the Cubs have a real sour taste in their mouths as they end the season.

And things we hated from the weekend?

Mainly this… which appeared in the ol’ inbox exactly 13 minutes after the game ended yesterday. (Side: I get it. It’s business and I guess they have to do it. But couldn’t the thing been phrased with that exact disclaimer? After all, isn’t the #1 sound bite of all time from pro athletes: “one game at a time”?)