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This Is What Up To 6 All-Stars Looks Like?

Congratulations to Yadier Molina, Rafael Furcal, Carlos Beltran and Lance Lynn for being named to the 2012 NL All-Star team. Here’s hoping that David Freese can get in on the last chance fan ballot and Matt Holliday is the one chosen to replace Matt Kemp, who is still battling injury. 

6 All –Stars! That’s S-I-C-K.

Unless you’re the Cardinals, and then 6 All-Stars is parlayed into a 41-38 record.

We’re not short of opinions on this site, but today I don’t know if we have one on the ASG selections. Honestly, I’m happy for the Cards players that have been selected. David Freese isn’t going to win the last-chance ballot, but he is getting some national run and that’s nice. Holliday, regardless of your opinion on him, is having an All-Star caliber season. So it’s not like Cardinal fans stuffed the ballot box for guys that don’t deserve to be in Kansas City.

On the other hand, just how the hell do you have 6 guys that could make an All-Star team and only get your record to 3 games over .500? Honestly… 6 All-Stars, with a combined VORP of 3? 0.5 per All-Star?

Do we blame it all on the bullpen? They’ve been brutal for stretches, sure. Or maybe it’s the run runs these guys go on padding the stats and not belying their actual value? I guess that’s a possibility.

Who do we blame? Matheny?

Forgive being the turd in the punchbowl, but doesn’t having 66% (maybe) of a starting baseball team on an All-Star team get us something better than this? You would think so.