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Topps Thinks Cardinal Fans Aren’t Worthy

Our friends over at Big League Stew had a nice little post about a new product that Topps (yes, the same company that makes ball cards) has created: LINK HERE

They're called 'Minis' and they're pretty… stinking… cool.

2.5" vinyl figurines of my favorite Cardinals? Put a couple in the office. Maybe give a few as gifts. The possibilities are endless. I'm going to get a Wainwright and a Holliday and a Beltran and probably a Carlos Martinez if they have one… where's the list?

Um. What?

No Cardinals? Not one? 

Makes sense, because Cardinal fans don't go out and buy anything that has the Cardinals logo on it. (VERRRRRY SARCASTIC LINK HERE) And not to lump Cub fan in with purebreds like us, but no Cubs either?

Is it an NL Central bias? A conscience effort to prop up Joey Votto into the spotlight because it's hard to appreciate Alan Craig? 

We deserve answers, Topps. As BLS points out, Brian Wilson doesn't, you know, play baseball anymore.