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Well That Was Fun

That just happened, huh? 

In the midst of final three weeks of the season, the Cardinals started the penultimate road trip of 2012 by getting swept. Against a team 9 games under .500. At least they were, until the Cardinals came to down.

Yup. The Fathers whipped off their work belt and went to town on the bare asses of the feckless basballers we call Cardinals. 

Massively ineffective hitting with runners in scoring position? Check. Continuing inability to get runners home from third with less than 2 outs? Check. Carlos Beltran falling of the face of the fucking earth? CHECK.


I mean, what the hell is going on out there? It’s like we’re watching the Astros. Or maybe a enhanced re-enactment of the Astros if their highlights were on Fox News and all their players were ranking Democrats in the House. 

Worse, the rudderless Cardinals are now heading into Los Angeles for 4 games, ostensibly fast forwarding to the end of the season and deciding the second Wild Card team over the weekend. Win 3 and the Cardinals are golden. Lose 3 and the Cardinals are forked. Either team takes 4, it’s time to pour champagne over each other.

What a mess. You were not ready for this weekend. You had things to do. Now we’ve all got to start the playoff level of watching games ASAP.

The Cardinals have come into our houses the past three nights and crapped on the floor. Then smushed it in, just to make a point.