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What do Michelle Obama, Madonna & David Freese Share?

You’ve heard it a million times: ‘Baseball isn’t America’s pastime anymore’.

It’s a completely arbitrary sports talk radio topic and it’s probably true. The NFL has surpassed about everything as the standard bearer for entertainment in America. But that doesn’t mean that baseball isn’t as influential as ever.

During some recent time in the airport, I checked out Entertainment Weekly. I promise you that I had hours to kill and wouldn’t normally read an interview with Andy Cohen, host of the popular Bravo TV series ‘Watch What Happens Live‘… but I was going cover to cover. And for those that don’t know about WWHL, it’s described by Wikipedia as the “first openly gay latenight TV show”.

The show is moving to a nightly time slot after being a weekly show since it’s inception. And the host listed his dream panel: Michelle Obama, Madonna and… DAVID FREESE?

David’s been making the rounds like a maniac this off-season, most recently showing up for the Mizzou Vs Texas basketball game on Saturday. He’s been everywhere, from talk shows like Leno to, literally, furniture store promotions. 

Good for Freese. Dude is taking advantage of the situation. I’d do the same.

Baseball may not be as popular as it used to be. But let one David Freese prove that it’s not anywhere near irrelevant. And here’s to Andy. I too would like to see #23 hold court with the First Lady and the Material Girl.