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What Is Going On In Chicago?

Jake Westbrook for Cy Young

Ok. Enough Cardinals talk. Because in comparison to what's going on with the Cubs, well… let's just go to the news:

ITEM 1: Cubs prospect attacks visiting dugout with a bat!

Oh, the Cubs. At least it's not like this guy is signed for 9 years or 30 million dollars and is a top prospect, right?


Considering how many heated arguments there are in baseball, it's surprising that the stick isn't used more (even just in fight posturing). But when it does, it tends to stick with you

What was the offense that made Mr. Soler go for the sports nuclear option? Getting a little smack talk laid on him sliding into second base. Not a intentional bean ball. Not a punch in a brawl. But some smack talk. 

Me thinks this doesn't bode well for the Small Bears. 

ITEM 2: Goat head delivered to Cubs owner!

But faux bat-attacks? That's child's play. 

Because Cubs owner Tom Ricketts got a goat head delivered in his name to Wrigley Field. 

A real goat head.

I mean, no words. 

Next time we think the Cardinals have it bad, just realize that there are people that honestly, seriously root for the Cubs every summer. And these are the stories that they have to deal with. Sometimes two per day. Poor people.