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When 1 Loss Equals 3 and The Friday Links

When does an 8 run comeback do more damage than good?

When an 8 run comeback can’t be finished off.

Wednesday night the Cardinals decided to dig themselves an 8 run hole, thanks to the use of a softball by Jake Westbrook in the first inning. The Cardinals clawed all the way back to level the game at 8 with a Jon Jay ninth inning solo shot. It was a monumental effort and at roughly 10:15p CST, you had the feeling that this game was going to be a huge touchstone for the successful epitaph of 2011.

By 11:00p CST the game had turned into a debilitating loss that not only spent the crowd, but blew the bullpen until the All-Star break and left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth wearing the Birds on Bat.

Thursday, we saw the fruits of their labor when the Arizona Diamondbacks came to STL, endured 2 rain delays, and took a game from the lethargic Cardinals. I’d expect more of the same this weekend from the Cardinals.

162 games is a lot of games. Some people can jack themselves up to max energy level for all of them (Pujols…. and that’s the list), but most are going to have to walk it back 10-15 times a season. And when you go down 8 early, those are the kind of games where you just try to go through the motions and not get hurt. People paid for the tickets, after all.

But when all of sudden you find yourself in the middle of the most exciting game of the season when you’d already wound ‘er down — then you lose painfully — it’s a sap on everything. Arizona isn’t a good team, but they’ve come to St. Louis a little excited about the All-Star break, while the Cardinals are reeling from a devastating loss. By the time it’s all said and done, the loss Wednesday night probably will end up being 3 losses before the ship is righted.

Baseball really sucks sometimes like that.

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There you have it. A short week in the can after a Monday off. Next week is really going to suck, right? Have a big weekend to forget about that.