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When Wins Are Losses

What could have been. We knew in our heart of hearts that it wasn’t going to happen, but we still got excited.

As word trickles in that the Philadelphia Phillies are thiiiiiis close to sealing a deal with the Astros for the services of one Roy Oswlat… it’s become painfully clear that the team you see now with ‘Cardinals’ emblazoned on their chest is the team that will either not win or win the World Series.

Rumors persist that fringe players like Miguel Tejada could be acquired, but anything other than trading for Dan Haren (already happened) or Roy Oswalt was going to disappoint The Nation.


It’s gotten hard to root for the Cardinals in 2010. And last night is a incredibly apt microcosm of why.

6 runs off of Johan Santana in the first inning? Hell yes! This team is so stacked. 1 run in the next 11 innings? WTF! This team sucks. Did this group of asshats really blow that lead- I hate these bums. Pujols comes through in the clutch again!!! That’s a winner!

When it gets to the point that wins feel like losses, It’s pretty much a sure sign that something is wrong.

But what? What is wrong?

That’s the problem. We start bitching about hitting and the Cardinals show they can destroy top flight pitching. We start bitching about pitching and Wainwright, Carpenter and Garcia go out and pitch 27 innings of 3 run ball. We zig… they zag. And at the end of the day nobody, not even the Cardinals, know what the hell to make of this team.

I suppose it’s encouraging that the Cardinals have shown that they can put it all together for a stretch of time. And after Saturday it will be officially up to only the 40 guys on the roster now to make it into and through the playoffs.

The Cardinals play today @ 11:30, if you have any idea what they’re planning on doing, let us all know. We’d appreciate it.