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Win 2 Free Winter Warm Up Tickets TODAY!

Let’s cut the crap: If you want 2 Winter Warm-Up tickets for this weekend (Jan 16-17-18), then you’re going to have to click the ‘read more’ button and find out how to get them.

Cards Diaspora will be announcing the winner today @ 6p CST and I will be reaching out to the winner via e-mail tonight to see how we can get them to you. Hell, I might just drive over to your house and drop them off. That’s the kind of guy athooks is!

More Info on Winter Warm-Up

A very special thanks to BWM for helping the cause. She’s a true American and a loyal friend of the site. This might be second-hand corporate largesse- but F it- it’s all good in this hood. These are 80 bucks after all…

Click on the read more to enter…


Ok. You’re here. All you have to do is enter in a comment in below. Say anything you want. Just as long as you hit enter and I have your e-mail address to reach back out to you if you win, we’re all good.

It doesn’t have to be creative. Doesn’t have to be original. Just some text and then enter. I’ll put all the screen names in a pot and draw @ 6p CST tonight.