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Win A Copy Of ‘Let’s Go To The Ballpark’

Hopefully small children aren’t reading this site.  They’re busy with Phineas and Ferb or something.

But some of you do have children, and I’d assume that some of you would like your children to read. And wouldn’t it be sweet if these reading-capable kids also liked baseball? Then you’re in luck child owning reader!

Friend of the site Doug Malan has written a new children’s book called ‘Let’s Go To The Ballpark’ and given CardsDiaspora.com a copy to give away. As you can see below, it’s got pictures AND words. Pretty damn sweet.
You can order the book off Amazon: LINK HERE

And if you leave a comment in the section below, any comment about anything, I’ll put your name in a hat, draw it out and send you a signed copy from Doug.

It’s beyond our reading comprehension, anyway. So we can’t keep it.

Good luck! We’ll close this contest @ 11:59p CST on 02/29/12.