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Yadier Molina Should Have Been Run

Yadier Molina was ejected by first base umpire Clint Fagan in the Cardinals 4-2 loss to the Giants on Sunday afternoon. Manager Mike Matheny was ejected for arguing the ejection.

Molina and Matheny both said that the ejection was unwarranted because Molina had no interaction with the umpire, but was frustrated for getting 'robbed' of a hit with a nice defensive play. 

Guys, this one is simple. Throw your helmet or any other piece of equipment across the field, you should get run. 

I'm not going to go hack and tell you what would happen if I got pissed at a deal falling through at work and I chucked my tape dispenser against the hallway wall. But you and I both know that deep down, even though we wanted to see Molina play, that acting like a child should get you sent to time out.

That's what happened. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

Worse, he's going to be suspended and fined for touching an umpire. He took a bad situation and made it much worse for his team. For all the lionizing that we've done with Molina in 2013, he doesn't get a pass here. He didn't hustle out of the box. Overreacted to a great play. Made it worse by getting in the umps face. And didn't own it all after the game. 

If this same exact play happened in a Little League game, would you be suggesting that it was OK for the kid to bang his helmet in frustration? No. You'd see him get pulled, then scolded by his parents. 

So let's stop defending Molina. He's in the wrong.