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Your Chance To Meet An Actual, Good Blogger

You remember that time when two guys wearing “Cardinals Diaspora” shirts got really drunk at the ballgame and tossed some F-Bombs at your grandma for not standing up and helping start the wave in the second inning?

If that experience soured you on high-profile bloggers, this is your chance to meet someone a little more respected than us.

Tonight at Left Bank Books downtown, you’ll be able to get up close and personal (no really, he won’t mind) with one of the most famous Cardinal fans on the planet, Will Leitch. Okay, Leitch is a few notches below the Hollywood people (Goodman, Hamm, Jenna Fischer, etc), but – call me crazy – I’d comfortably put him a bit higher than J-Kwon.

Will is pimping his new book, Are We Winning (details here), and will be interviewed by the Big Dog himself, Bernie Miklasz.

Fun story: Will was here on Valentine’s Day 2008 pimping his last book God Save the Fan, and was joined by about 15 hardcore/lonely dorks (including a few women). That’s the end of the story; I guess it was more fun for me. Especially when I told him what blog I wrote for and he may or may not have faked knowing about my site.

I’d suggest checking it out, Leitch is pretty entertaining and knows his sports, especially Cardinal baseball. And if you’re afraid that only smelly fat dudes will be in attendance, you’re probably right. But I’ll try to remember to shower this morning. We’ll see.