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18 Movies I Own That You Might Have Missed

It’s Saturday.

There’s not going to be a ton of news, and I don’t cover college football.  So, for no other reason than that I feel like it, I’ve decided to raid my DVD (and VHS) collection to bring you 18 Movies that I Own (and by definition love or at least like a lot) that Maybe You Missed.  Some of these are incredible movies that maybe everyone has seen, but seeing as how many are now a decade old, I don’t want to take it for granted.  These aren’t my favorite movies of all time, just awesome movies that I don’t know whether everyone else is aware of.

If you think a movie on this list is too well known/popular, let me know.  I’ll replace it with something else good but more obscure.  The Red Violin anyone?  Feel free to share your own…do me a favor though, and embed video clips in the comments.

Click for the list.