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18 Plays: “It doesn’t suck”

It’s Tuesday, and that can only mean 18 Plays is ready for download. Once again, Demond and I take on the key plays from Sunday. We don’t just tackle the touchdowns, but incomplete passes, punts, and 3rd and 1 calls as well. You can find 18 Plays on Itunes, or download it from our Podcast archive page.

Last night a buddy of mine says, “Hey, my boss listens to your podcast!” I replied, “Awesome, what does he think?” He comes back with, “He says it doesn’t suck. He figured it would, but says it doesn’t.” There you have it. A ringing endorsement by the boss of a friend of mine.

We are pleased with the podcast to this point. Like many of you, I think that if we had the time and money to incorporate Bob Lamey’s audio calls, it would be incredible and elevate the program to a new level. Unfortunately, we are relegated to relying on our own wit and insight.