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A stunted trip around the web

My internet service has been in and out all day long, so I’ll do my best to share the links I’ve got, but man, it’s been hard to get them.

People are waking up to the fact that the Colts are indeed, not dead just because Tarik Glenn retired.

Don Banks says the AFC South is better than ever.

Damon Hack writes a nice piece on the Colts drive for a second title. This is a great piece that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

MDS of the Footballoutsiders places Favre in the context of the game’s all time greats. What is more interesting than the exercise is the standards by which he does it.

Here’s a great video of Cutler and Shanahan talking about how great #18 is.

ESPN’s Scouts Inc. breaks down the Colts and Broncos:

Here are some numbers for you — 23, 449 and 6. Those represent the numbers Wayne has put up in terms of receptions, yards and touchdowns in the last three games these two teams met. It almost makes you feel like the Broncos went out and got Bly for the sole purpose of trying to slow Wayne down. WR Marvin Harrison will align on the right side over 90 percent of the time versus LCB Champ Bailey. That means it will be Bly versus Wayne on the other side and while Bailey has done his part, Denver has been at the mercy of Peyton Manning and Wayne.

23, 449, and 6? YIKES.