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Are You the Ultimate Displaced Colts Fan?

DIRECTV is holding a pretty cool contest we thought Colts fans would be interested in hearing about. It has become clear to us that we have a number of out-of-staters who visit the blog regularly and that among them may be someone dedicated and creative enough to take advantage of this opportunity.

While you should visit the above link to learn all of the details of the Ultimate Displaced Fan contest, the idea is that you put together a video or pictures, or collection of different media to display that you are the ultimate displaced Colts fan. Other fans for the other teams around the league will also be staking their claims — and as Peyton says in the video, who wants another Steelers fan to get free tickets to the Super Bowl?

If you do enter, we would very much appreciate you letting Coltzilla know. We would be happy to put together a story displaying the contents of your submissions. We wish you the best of luck.