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Blip on the screen

Maybe it doesn’t merit it’s own post, but #18 showed up on another MVP list today:
Bucky Brooks has him at #5.
A big win this week, and you’ll only see him get more and more attention.
In other news:
SI predicts the playoff field. They have Indy going 11-5, winning this week and losing at Jacksonville. I would reverse that (especially if Bob is out), but 11-5 is what I’m going with as well.
The guys at Hugging Harold Reynolds have come up with at really great idea for a website. The get local eating tips from various bloggers around the sports world. Fanfoodie is a great place to check out before you head on a road trip. Oh, and the Indy entry? I think you’ll recognize the contributors. I’m open to argument on our post. If you disagree with our pick, please comment on the post there or here. And yes, I missed a chance to try and push “The Stable” nickname. I didn’t feel it was the place to drop a new nickname.
Bob sends us this link that posits what we all know to be true: the dumpster is definitely ablaze.
The DVOA numbers are out. The O-line numbers are fascinating. Indy is #1 in pass pro, and number 27 in rushing. For those that care: Dom and Joe’s numbers are virtually identical. What does this tell us? The line isn’t that good, but Manning’s completion % has taken a hit this year because he’s getting rid of the ball and avoiding sacks.
Demond Sanders: I am optimistically leaning towards an 11-5 finish as well. I think the Colts will beat the Chargers in a very high-scoring affair. I think they might lose to Jacksonville, although the Jaguars are truly terrible so a 6-0 finish is possible. Not that it matters since they can’t improve their seeding beyond the 5 spot. Now we know what it has been like to be Jacksonville the past few years.
I think its interesting that Bucky dropped Eli Manning from the 3 spot last week to unranked this week. Maybe he realized there is no chance in hell Eli is winning it this season. I love Eli and he has good stats, but he’s not important enough to his own team to merit the MVP. I think the Kerry Collins ranking may also be a courtesy thing. If he finishes with 20 touchdowns AND 15 wins then maybe, but that won’t happen.
Read this before judging Marvin Harrison for having his gun used to shoot a convicted murderer.
The Colts may add another TE. I wonder if Santi will be IRed