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Block the Lockout CONTEST

The NFLPA is launching a full on PR assault to try and sway fans in the battle of hearts and minds that is the NFL labor dispute.  They are offering fans the chance to sign a petition stating your disapproval of the owners shutting down the league.

Here is one of the videos they have made to try and show fans who is to blame.  In this instance, they are correct.  This crisis was created by the owners opting out early of the CBA.  It has been perpetuated by the owners. It is the owners who will lock out the players, and not the players who are striking.  The owners have been dragging their feet at every step of this process, and it seems to be their goal to put the screws to the union rather than to negotiate in good faith.  

In addition, we are offering a special contest:

The NFLPA wants to know what a lock out would mean to you.  If you want to post a video on the NFL Lockout Facebook page or the You Tube channel (just follow the link from the embedded video above), do it.


Best of all, I want to hear from you in the comments below here at 18to88.com.  The best comment finishing the sentance “The Lockout means…” will win a prize.  I’m still working out the details on the prize, but it’s going to be worth winning.

For instance:  The Lockout Means…we could lose a year of Peyton Manning’s career. 

The best comment posted between now and Midnight Thursday wins.  I’ll be judge, but if you want to vote for someone else’s comment, let me know.  If the community seems to pick a clear winner, I’ll definitely take it under consideration.

Your best bet is to make me laugh, but if you want to go serious just make it good.

Let’s do our best to BLOCK THE LOCKOUT!