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Brady gets top spot by virture of “not wanting any  more”

Prisco has his NFL Rankings out. He gives Brady the top spot and Manning the 2nd. Whatever. Let’s not go down that road again over something as trivial as the opinion of Pete Prisco. His argument that Manning had an off year statistically is patently insane. Manning had his best year on the field last year, and anyone who watched football could see that. Other Colts on the list: The Zombie comes in at 7, Wayne at 22, and Freeney at 25. Also in the ‘curious’ category is that he lists Mario Williams at 6 (um, Pete he didn’t even make the Pro Bowl), the widely overrated Champ Bailey at 5 (Pete, he got beat 1 on 1 with a TE last year), Fred Taylor at 49 (Pete, it took him 10 games to rush for his first 100 yard game last year).

Actually the more I look at this list, the more I marvel at how bad it is. Yikes.